The Top 7 Tools Every Copywriter Needs

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In the dynamic world of copywriting, efficiency, accuracy, and creativity are the key elements to producing compelling content. However, achieving these qualities doesn’t have to rely solely on raw talent or manual effort. There are numerous tools out there designed to help copywriters excel in their craft.

To help you navigate this digital toolbox, we’ve compiled a list of the top seven tools that every copywriter, from beginners to seasoned professionals, should consider. These tools can help make your job easier, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – creating engaging and persuasive copy that captures your audience’s attention.

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1. Grammarly: Your Ultimate Writing Assistant

Kicking off our list is Grammarly, an indispensable tool for any writer. This digital writing assistant goes beyond just identifying spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. It offers comprehensive feedback on your writing, providing insights into the clarity, engagement, and delivery of your text. Grammarly even gives synonym suggestions to improve word variety and eliminate repetitiveness.

What sets Grammarly apart is its built-in plagiarism checker. This feature ensures your work is unique and helps to maintain the integrity of your content. The premium version even provides suggestions tailored to your genre-specific writing style. By acting as a second pair of eyes, Grammarly helps ensure your copy is polished and professional.

2. Hemingway Editor: Simplifying Complexity

Named after the famous author known for his straightforward writing style, the Hemingway Editor tool is essential for producing clean, reader-friendly copy. It highlights overly complicated sentences, excessive adverbs, passive voice, and phrases that could be simplified. This color-coded system enables you to spot potential areas of improvement quickly.

The real advantage of Hemingway Editor is the readability score it assigns to your copy. It ensures your writing is accessible and easy to understand for your target audience. By helping you remove unnecessary complexity, Hemingway Editor allows your key messages to shine through more effectively.

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3. Google Docs: Writing in the Cloud

Google Docs is a cloud-based writing tool that’s perfect for collaboration and accessibility. You can share documents with team members or clients, allowing for real-time editing and feedback. All changes are saved automatically, preventing any loss of your hard work.

Another perk of Google Docs is its accessibility from any device with internet connectivity. You can move seamlessly between your desktop, tablet, or mobile device, providing flexibility and convenience for busy copywriters on the go. Plus, Google Docs offers a wide range of add-ons to enhance your writing process, such as a thesaurus, document translator, and voice typing feature.

4. SEMRush: Unleashing SEO Potential

In the digital marketing landscape, SEO is king. SEMRush, a comprehensive digital marketing toolkit, is a godsend for SEO-focused copywriters. It provides extensive keyword research, helping you identify the most effective keywords to integrate into your copy.

SEMRush offers more than just keyword research. It also provides insights into your competitors’ strategies, backlink analysis, and rank tracking. With SEMRush, you can create SEO-optimized copy that increases your visibility on search engines and drives more traffic to your website.

5. CoSchedule Headline Analyzer: Perfecting Your First Impression

In your role as a copywriter, you undoubtedly recognize the substantial influence of a compelling headline. To assist in the creation of these impactful headings, there’s a helpful tool known as CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer. Designed specifically for this task, its purpose is to help you craft eye-catching headlines that will encourage readers to click through.

Using a range of criteria such as word balance, length, sentiment, and keywords, it provides an in-depth evaluation of your headline. Following this, the tool goes a step further by offering an overall score, coupled with a comprehensive analysis of your headline. This process yields valuable feedback that can guide your efforts for refinement and improvement.

As an added bonus, this unique tool provides a preview of how your headline will appear in search engine results. Therefore, by using the CoSchedule Headline Analyzer, you’re not only able to develop headlines that captivate your audience but you also enhance your SEO value, thereby casting a wider net for potential readers.

6. Trello: Keeping Your Projects on Track

With multiple projects on the go, staying organized can be a challenge for any copywriter. Trello, a visual project management tool, helps you stay on top of your workload. You can create individual boards for different projects, add tasks with due dates, and track your progress.

Trello’s card and list system makes it easy to prioritize your tasks and visualize your workflow. You can add attachments, comments, and labels to your cards, providing all the relevant details at a glance. For collaborative projects, you can share your boards with team members, allowing everyone to stay updated on the project’s status.

7. Evernote: Your Creative Companion

Evernote is more than just a note-taking app. It’s a place where you can store, organize, and find all your ideas and inspirations. Whether it’s a snippet of text, a webpage, a photo, or a voice memo, Evernote keeps it all in one accessible place.

With its powerful search functionality, finding that note you scribbled down weeks ago is a breeze. Evernote also allows you to create notebooks and tags for better organization. Plus, its web clipper extension lets you save interesting articles, blogs, or pages you come across while browsing the internet. Evernote ensures you’ll never lose a great idea again.


In the rapidly evolving field of copywriting, having the right tools at your disposal is vital. These seven tools can help streamline your workflow, elevate the quality of your copy, and keep you organized and productive. From creating compelling headlines to managing your projects efficiently, you can tackle your copywriting tasks with confidence and creativity. So, arm yourself with these top tools, and witness a marked improvement in your copywriting prowess!

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