The 5 Worst Webpage Designs We’ve Ever Seen

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Let’s face it, not all websites are created equal. In fact, some are downright terrible. From cluttered layouts to dated fonts, there is a multitude of ways that website owners can unintentionally turn off potential customers. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the first 5 Worst Webpage Designs we’ve ever seen. Hopefully, by seeing what not to do, you’ll be inspired to create a site that’s more user-friendly and visually appealing.

Webpage Designs

Five Things That Makes Your Website The Worst

1. Overly Complex Layout
When it comes to website design, simpler is almost always better. After all, you want visitors to be able to find what they’re looking for quickly and easily. Unfortunately, some designers seem to think that adding as many bells and whistles as possible will make their site stand out from the crowd.

However, all this does is overwhelm visitors and make it harder for them to find what they need. If your website’s layout is too complicated, consider simplifying it so that visitors can get where they’re going with ease.

2. Dated Fonts Times change and so do visitors’ tastes in fonts
Remember when Comic Sans was all the rage? Yeah, neither do we. These days, sleek and modern fonts are in and dated ones like Times New Roman are out. If your website is still using an old-fashioned font, it’s time for an update. Choose a font that’s easy to read and Visually appealing. Your visitors will thank you for it.

3. Outdated Information
You know what they say: out with the old and in with the new. The same goes for the information on your website. If you’re still using the same copy you wrote 5 years ago, it’s time for an update. People want fresh content that’s relevant to their interests and needs. So keep your information current and make sure to add new content on a regular basis. Doing so will show visitors that your site is up-to-date and worth their time.

4. Slow Loading Speeds
In today’s fast-paced world, 5 Worst Webpage Designs people have little patience for things that take too long to load. If your website takes more than a few seconds to load, chances are good that visitors will get frustrated and click away before they even have a chance to see what you have to offer.

To avoid this fate, make sure your website is optimized for speed by keeping image file sizes small and eliminating any unnecessary plugins or features that might slow things down.

5 . Broken Links
Nothing is more frustrating than clicking on a link only to be taken to a 404 error page. Not only does this give visitors a bad experience, but it also makes your site look unprofessional. To avoid broken links, regularly check all the links on your site to make sure they’re still working. If you find any that are no longer active, be sure to update or remove them.


Creating a well-designed website takes time, effort, and attention to detail. However, it’s well worth it when you consider the alternative. A poorly designed site can cost you dearly in terms of lost traffic and revenue. So if your website is in need of an overhaul, now is the time to act.

Use this blog post as inspiration for creating a site that’s beautiful, user-friendly, and engaging. Your visitors will thank you for it!

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