Why Webtec?

Why are websites important, and why should you hire Webtec? Good questions! Let’s dig in!

Let’s say you hear about a new company. You’ll probably not call them straight up. You’ll probably Google them to check their website and reviews so you can compare them to their competitors.

Based on what you find online, you will decide if you want to contact the company or not. Am I right?


An example why websites are important. And why we're the best choice for you.

Let’s say you were recommended 2 different restaurants in a town you’ve never been to. How do you make your choice which one to visit? 

Well, if one of them had broken windows and an ugly interior, while the other one looks clean, fresh and modern, you would probably choose the latter. Right?

But hey! The windows and interior doesn’t tell you anything about the food, does it? Perhaps the run down restaurant actually serves better food! The problem is, you would probably not give this restaurant a chance. 

The same goes for a website. If someone refers two companies to you, you will most likely compare them online.

You will then decide to contact the company that looks best – that you like the most. Maybe it’s because they explain things better. Maybe it’s easier to navigate. Maybe they rank higher. Maybe you just think the images or reviews looks more professional. There could be thousands of reasons.

The fact is that people like to compare, and they often choose the better looking, and more updated option.

So, if you don’t look good online, especially now when “business is digital”, you’re not playing the long-term game. 

It’s common to not have thought of this before. Many of our clients didn’t believe that their website could give them business before they came to us. The reason for this is simple – Their previous website wasn’t built to get business in the first place. 

Are you still asking yourself “Why are websites important?”
Not sure if you thought about it. But you’re probably reading this to decide if you want to work with us, or someone else. So you’re subconsciously doing what this text just explained that you would do. Pretty interesting, right?

Most companies don't believe they can get clients online, because their websites aren't built to convert business... Yet.

That's why you choose us

We build websites with conversion and SEO best practices learned from over 2000 clients. Then we continue to optimize your website with data from your own personal A/B tests.

Now it’s up to you – do you want to continue down the same path and pass up on new potential clients, or do you want to join the league of fast-growing businesses by letting your website help you grow based on data? The decision is yours.



Wanna Do Some Due Diligence?

We understand that you can’t take our word for it. So why not check out what other people say about us?

Daniel Drolet
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Webtec is fantastic and you should hire them. Over the years, we have worked with many companies - and many of them good at what they do. The thing that really separates Webtec from others however is that Webtec really knows how to anticipate the needs of their clients, and then provides the necessary support needed - such that it always looks like magic. We would encourage you to get the post site support. The services are critical, and they are always completed very quickly. You cannot go wrong with this company.
Douglas More
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This outfit is top notch!

They deliver what they promise. Great advice, rapid an virtually error free development and unbelievably responsive support. They have my 100% recommendation.
Tom Sheridan
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Incredible professionalism, consultation and support throughout the process from start to finish.

The immediate response to any and every inquiry is as impressive as your results!

Thanks again!
Melanie Ballard
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Michael and the team are always a pleasure to work with. Good work, great listening skills and everything is professional and timely.

Thank you Michael and team.
Eric Geier
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Happy to have found these guys!

From web development through day to day maintenance, the experience has been fantastic.