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SEO Company that gets you more visitors

We're an SEO company that helps you increase brand awareness, generate more leads, and produce more revenue. It all starts with organic search visibility.

Or e-mail our CEO at:

SEO Company that gives you more visitors

We're a SEO company that helps you increase brand awareness, generate more leads, and produce more revenue. It all starts with organic search visibility.

You can also e-mail our CEO at:

Search Engine Optimization

One of our successful SEO projects

We met a client that had bad experiences with multiple SEO companies before us. They almost did not give us a chance. But they're happy they did.

After a year of working together, we raised them from almost 0 visitors to close to 2000 per month. Now they don't need to pay for traffic any more. They're actually saving money because they gave us a chance. They're now getting more traffic organically than they got by paid ads before working with us.

* The Blue graph is organic traffic from our SEO methods.
* The Orange graph is expensive paid ads.

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Search Engine Optimization

A Smart SEO company for smart executives

We've worked with over 2000 small and mid-size companies over the years. We found that people chose us because we're having the prices of freelancers, but the quality of large web agencies. It's possible since we're focusing on high-value tasks while we cut out the unnecessary parts of the process.

In our affordable SEO packages, we offer you high-quality on-page and off-page SEO. But without any time-consuming, boring extras. We do this because it's a better fit for our clients. The process is optimized for busy executives that want to get the best results for the money spent.

Your money is going to SEO tasks. We call it Smart SEO.

PS. If you still want to run Paid Ads, they actually become cheaper if your SEO is good. 

Search Engine Optimization

So what's included in our SEO Service?

Good question. Let us walk you through our On-page and Off-page methods in bullet form:

Curious what all this means? Read our FAQ. 


How it works

You can also e-mail our CEO at:

How it works


Wanna Do Some Due Diligence?

We understand that you can’t take our word for it. So why not check out what other people say about us?

Daniel Drolet
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Webtec is fantastic and you should hire them. Over the years, we have worked with many companies - and many of them good at what they do. The thing that really separates Webtec from others however is that Webtec really knows how to anticipate the needs of their clients, and then provides the necessary support needed - such that it always looks like magic. We would encourage you to get the post site support. The services are critical, and they are always completed very quickly. You cannot go wrong with this company.
Douglas More
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This outfit is top notch!

They deliver what they promise. Great advice, rapid an virtually error free development and unbelievably responsive support. They have my 100% recommendation.
Tom Sheridan
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Incredible professionalism, consultation and support throughout the process from start to finish.

The immediate response to any and every inquiry is as impressive as your results!

Thanks again!
Melanie Ballard
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Michael and the team are always a pleasure to work with. Good work, great listening skills and everything is professional and timely.

Thank you Michael and team.
Eric Geier
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Happy to have found these guys!

From web development through day to day maintenance, the experience has been fantastic.